Sebastian Coe. DECA Text&Bild.

IAAF presidential elections:

A vote for Coe from Danish Athletics

04. august 2015 · Henriette Leth Nielsen

As the world of international atletics are preparing for the upcoming presidential elections at the IAAF Congress in Beijing, the Danish Athletic Federation has decided to vote for the British candidate Sebastian Coe.

After studying the programmes of the two candidates, Sebastian Coe and Sergey Bubka, the board of the federation concludes, that even though the two candidates both are highly qualified for the position, and have put forward innovative and constructive programmes, the Danish vote will be on Coe.

The president of the Danish Athletic Federation, Karsten Munkvad explains:

“Athletics is facing a number of challenges, which needs to be addressed. Recent events illustrate, that the ongoing fight against doping needs to be in focus. In addition renewal of certain aspects of our sport, and inclusion of new demographic groupings are all highly prioritised by our federation. Based on his programme and our discussions with Sebastian Coe, It is our opinion, that he is the right man for the job”.

The Danish Athletic Federation acknowledge Sergey Bubka's campaign and the work the current Vice President has done for the World of athletics: “A choice has to be made, and we feel we have made the right one. Nevertheless I want to express our respect for Sergey Bubka; not only for his campaign, but also for his leadership within our sport. If Sebastian Coe is elected as our new President, we sincerely hope, that Mr. Bubka will continue his work for the IAAF as Vice President”.

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