Good Governance and clean sport

Joint statement from the five Nordic athletic federations

12. marts 2016 · Jakob Larsen

Oslo, Norway: 

The athletic federations of the five Nordic countries, gathered at the annual Nordic congress in Oslo, wish to make a joint statement in regard to Yesterday’s announcement made by the IAAF at the conclusion of the 203rd IAAF Council meeting.


The WDR documentary aired on 6 March gives reason for concern over the progress of improved anti-doping efforts in Russia. In light of this we applaud the continued work of the IAAF Taskforce overseeing the reinstatement of Russia. It is absolutely paramount that we as a sport ensure WADA Code Compliance of all Member Federations and remain aware of our role as caretakers of the interests of clean athletes. 

That Russia has not yet made sufficient progress is disappointing. We encourage the Russian federation to spare no effort in the coming months. We implore the IAAF Council to only allow reinstatement if all requirements are fulfilled.

Five Member Federations on watch list

The fact that the IAAF has put five nations on an anti-doping “watch list” is a sad indication of the current situation in international high performance sport. However drastic, the Nordic federations applaud this decision, which we consider a proper and responsible action given the circumstances. In regard to the Member Federations in “Critical care” we expect the IAAF to take the necessary steps to ensure a clean sport at all levels, including at the Olympic Games.

Special Congress

The decision to have a Special Congress at the end of 2016 is supported by the five Nordic federations. We expect the process of improving good governance in our sport to be supported and accelerated by legislative changes. We urge the Council to ensure that any proposals will be made publicly available well in advance allowing considerable time for consultation and discussion at national, regional and continental level. 

The Nordic Congress has decided to establish a committee, which will actively offer input to the upcoming process on how to implement good governance and clean athletics.


Tore Hordnes
Chair of the Nordic Athletic Congress

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